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    • What is involved in the application process?  
    • The application process is broken down into several parts. Once we receive your completed application and $25 processing fee, we will begin processing your application, which includes the following:

      • An in-person interview wth our site manager.

      • A credit history and criminal background check.

      • A previous rental history and employment check.

      • A tour of the unit and orientation of the buidling with our site manager.

      Once our site manager has made a determination, you will be contacted in writing with our decision, detailing the factors our decision was based upon.

    • Why do you charge an Application Processing Fee?  
    • The processing of your application, includes running a background and credit history check on all adult members of your household. Obtaining this information is costly and time consuming. 

      If, after a preliminary review of your application, a determination is made that we are unable to approve your application, the $25 application processing fee will be refunded to you, with a letter stating the criteria our determination was based on.

      If your application is approved, the $25 applcation processing fee will be credited towards the security deposit required from you to move into the unit.

      If your application is processed and approved, and you decline to accept our offer of a lease, the $25 application processing fee will not be refunded to you.

      If information obtained from your background and credit history indicates that you were not truthful on the application, or that you failed to provide information on the application that would prohibit us from offering you a lease under program rules, the application processing fee will be forfeited. For this reason, it is imperative that you answer all questions on the application, truthfully and accurately. 

    • How much do your apartments rent for?  
    • Because our building is operated under a Federally funded Housing Assistance Program, there is no set amount that a resident must pay for their apartment each month. Therefore, there is no way for us to determine what a prospective resident's rent would be, without first being qualified for the assistance program by the Ogden Housing Authority. 

      Under this housing assistance program, a resident's portion of the rent is calculated at roughly 30% of the household's total monthly income, but it cannot be less than $50 per month.

    • What is the Housing Assistance Program?  
    • Our building is operated under an income based, housing assistance payments contract, with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and is administered by the Ogden Housing Authority. (PHA). 

      Under this low income contract, the PHA determines how much the resident's portion of the rent will be each month, based upon 30% of the resident's total monthly household income. 

      The particular HUD contract that covers this building is called the Moderate Rehabilitation Program
      (MOD-REHAB) and is considered a part of the Section-8 Program. One advantage of the MOD-REHAB Program is that, based on their income, residents may pay as little as $50 per month for their portion of the rent. 

    • How do I know if I qualify for housing assistance?  
    • The only way to know for sure, is to apply with the Ogden Housing Authority. You can download and print their application by clicking on the "Apply" tab on this website, or you can reach them at:

      Ogden Housing Authority
      1100 Grant Avenue
      Ogden, Utah 84404
      (801) 627-5851

      Household income guide: 

    • How long is your waiting list?  
    • Unfortunately, there's just no accurate way to give anyone the answer to this question. There are times when we think we've got the perfect set of residents in the building and then one of them suddenly decides to move-out. 

      From past experience with this building, it seems like the average length of time that a resident stays with us is about 2 - 2 1/2 years, but we just never know for sure. 

      Most people find that the best thing to do is to fill out an application and get approved and qualified, so we can put you on the list. That way, when an apartment does become available, you'll be closer to the front of the line. 

    • What if my application is incomplete or missing information?  
    • Incomplete Applications are Declined

      Unfortunately, we are unable to process applications that are incomplete, which may result in your application being declined.

      If there is a question that you do not understand, or you are not sure of the answer, do NOT leave it blank. 

      Applications with missing information or unanswered questions will be declined, and you may risk forfeiting your Application Fee maybe forfeited.


    • What size unit can I qualify for?  
    • The Ogden Housing Authority will determine the size of the unit you qualify for, based on the number of people living in your household. 

      However, as a general rule of thumb, if you are a single person household, but you have a lot of furniture and belongings, it is unlikely that you would be approved for a 2 bedroom unit just because you need some extra storage space. 

    • If I am approved, how long does it take before I can move-in?  
    • Move-in times can vary widely from unit to unit, depending on how the previous tenant left the unit, and the amount of work involved in preparing it for a new tenant. This can range from a day of minor cleaning, to a full rennovation taking a month or more.

      If your application is approved, our building manager will contact you with an approval letter. We will also notify the Ogden Housing Authority, who will contact you to schedule a meeting with you.

      HUD requires all units to pass inspection, prior to a new tenant moving in.  Once the available unit has passed inspection, and you have met any additional requirements of the Ogden Housing Authority, our building manager will schedule a time for you to meet with her and sign your lease. 

      Once your lease has been signed and your housing assistance goes into effect, you will be free to move into the unit.

      Please Note: Although the Housing Authority may have referred you to our building, that doesn't always mean there is a unit available for you immediately.

    • What if you do not have an apartment available?  

    • Once approved, the Ogden Housing Authority will refer you to sevral properties, including this one. If we do not have an apartment available, you may choose to be placed on our waiting list for the next available unit, or you may try one of the other properties you were referred to. 

      Please keep in mind that the Housing Authority will only allow you to be on one building's waiting list at a time. If you choose to be placed on our waiting list, there may be a substantial waiting period before we have a vacancy for you. 

    • Can I rent an apartment if I do not qualify for assistance?  
    • Unfortunately, the answer is NO

      All of our apartments are under contract with the United States Department of Housing and Urban

       Development (HUD) and may only be leased to participants of the Section 8 - Moderate Rehabilitation Program. 

      If you haven't already applied with the Ogden Housing Authority to determine your eligibility, please fill out their application and submit it to them. You can get their application by clicking on the "Apply" tab at the top of this page. 

    • Can I be placed on your waiting list?  
    • Absolutely!

      In order to be placed on our waiting list, you must first apply with and be approved by the Ogden Housing Authority.

      Once qualified and approved for the housing assistance program, we will be happy to process your application for approval and then place you on our waiting list for the next available apartment. 

        The list is long, so please be patient.

    • What if my application is declined?  
    • If we are unable to approve your application with us, don't panic. You may still be able to qualify at one of the other properties that the Housing Authority refered you to. 

      Under the Moderate Rehabilitation Program, property owners / managers establish their own approval criteria.  This criteria varies widely from one property to another, so if we are unable to approve your application, another property manager with less stringent approval criteria may be able to place you at their property. 

      May we suggest: 

    • What if I am unemployed? Can I still qualify for an apartment?  
    • Yes you can!

      The housing assistance program does not require applicants to be employed in order to qualify for assistance. Also, under the assistance contract, the resident's portion of the rent can be as low as $50 per month. 

      As you might have noticed on this website, the Peery Apartments has a Job Search Assistance Program in place, which is designed to help any of our residents who are seeking employment, to find the job that's right for them. Click on the "Job Search Tool" below to be taken to our "Special Programs"


           Click on the icon above

    • Do you allow pets?  
    • No.... The Peery Apartments has a strict, "NO PETS" policy in place. 

      We will allow a person with a disability to keep a medically prescribed assistance animal, with the proper documentation.  

      The resident must also sign a Pet Related Damages waiver, indemnifying the owner and holding the resident responsible for all pet related damages and undesirable pet behavior or actions. 

    • How many people can live in the unit with me?  
    • The names of all persons living in the unit witrh you, must appear on your lease.

      As a condition to your housing assistance, you are required to notify the PHA of any changes to your household composition within 15 days. 

      If you are the only occupant that appears on your lease agreement, but you have 4 people living in the unit with you and you fail to notify the PHA of the change in household size, you risk having your housing assistance terminated by the PHA. 

      Please Note: Adding a person to your lease is not automatic. If you wish to add a person to your household composition, they must first be approved by the PHA, and meet the Landlord's approval criteria, before moving into the unit.

    • Is there public transportation close by?  
    • Yes!

      The Peery Apartments are conveniently located within walking distance to all modes of public transportation 

      • There are bus-stops located at the corner of Adams Ave. & 25th Street.
      • Union Station is just down the street with access to the Frontrunner trains.
      • The Ogden Trolley Express is a free trolley service in and around downtown. 

      The Peery Apartments are also defined as a "Walker's Paradise" scoring a 94 out of a possible 100 points on

    • Are healthcare services close by?  
    • Yes! - There are 2 hospitals nearby:

      •McKay Dee Hospital - located at 4401 Harrison Blvd.  (801) 387-2800

      • Ogden Regional Medical Center - located at 5475 South 500 East  (801) 479-2111

      There are also a number of health care clinics in and around the neighborhood.

    • Is there shopping close by?  
    • Yes! - Nearby grocery shopping includes:

      •  Wal-Mart - located at 21st Street and Wall Ave.
      •  Winco - located at 12th Street and Wall Ave.
      •  Macey's - located at Washington Blvd. and 36th St. 

      There is also several small, neighborhood stores within walking distance of the building. 

    • Are the Peery Apartments really haunted?  
    • Nobody can say for sure...

      There have been a number of incidents at the building, that seem to defy all reasonable explanations.

      After the death of D. H. Peery, his wife Elizabeth moved from the family's mansion, into the building, where she lived out her days, until her death in the 1920's. 

      One theory is that Elizabeth Peery's spirit still lives on at the building, watching over her beloved home and the people who live there.

      There are many accounts of an elderly woman seen going in and out of the building... There one minute and gone the next.

      One thing is for sure... If the building IS haunted, the ghosts are definitely friendly, and don't mean to harm or scare anyone!

      Read about an encounter the building's owner had at:

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