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    • 2015 HUD-HQS Inspection  
    • The next annual HUD-HQS Inspection of the building is on 

      January 8, 2015 between 1:00 and 4:00 PM

      Will you be ready for it?

    • Our 2014 - Holiday Sock Drive for Saint Annes Homeless Shelter  
    • "No matter how bad things get, there is always      

         someone who is worse off than you are "

      At the Peery Apartments, we try our best not to forget that. 

      That's why every year during the holidays, we take on a project that gives back to the community and reminds us all how lucky we are to have a safe, warm, and dry place to call home. 

      In 2013, the Peery Apartments pledged to donate 200 pairs of socks to the needy men, women and children at  the Saint Anne's Center and Homeless Shelter, provided that our tenants agreed to get involved and help us separate the socks into pairs and tie gift tags onto them.

      Through some very generous donations from friends and family, and the amazing committment of time and dedication from our tenants, we more than doubled our initial goal and donated over 500 pairs of socks to Saint Anne's. 

      That might seem like a lot of socks, but with more than 100 needy people at the shelter, 500 pairs doesn't go very far at all. 

      This year the Peery Apartments is committed to doubling our 2013 donation, but we can't do it alone...  

      Please help us reach our goal of donating 1,000 pairs of socks for the holidays, by making a donation on our secure PayPal site at:

      It's Just A Buck A Pair

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    • 2014 HUD Housing Quality Standards Inspection  
    • Holiday Sock Drive to Benefit Saint Anne's Shelter  
    • Summer Fun Photo Contest  
    • Make Payments Using PayPal or Square  
    • Great Utah Shake Out  
    • 2013 HUD Housing Quality Standards Inspection  
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