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At the Peery Apartments, we believe that good tenant behavior deserves to be rewarded.  Our Good Tenant Incentive Program does exactly that, by giving our tenants a reason to exhibit good behavior, and then rewarding them for it.  Simple, everyday activities like cleaning your apartment, paying your rent on-time, or helping the manager out around the building may not seem like a very big deal to you, but they are to us.  How would you like to get a $20 gift card to WalMart, just for paying your rent on time every month?  What if you could get a $20 gift card just for helping the manager out around the building?  If you could get a $50 gift card every time you reported a crime in progress, wouldn’t you keep your eyes open all the time?  At the Peery Apartments, it pays to be a good tenant.  For a complete list of Program incentives, rules, and restrictions Click Here.


The management of Peery Apartments takes safety and crime prevention VERY seriously.  We work hard to provide our residents with a safe and crime-free living environment, and in return, we expect our residents to be equally as committed to helping us keep it that way.  As a condition of our lease, we require our residents to participate in our Neighborhood Watch Program.  Our occasional Crime Stoppers Meetings are a great way to bring our residents together and give them an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas on maintaining or improving building safety and security. These meetings are held at the building, and are led by a Community Policing Program officer, who advises residents on what they can do to keep crime away from the building, and instructs them on how to react to a variety of situations without compromising their own safety.

At the Peery Apartments, we frequently hear about local job opportunities.  If you are in need of employment, please ask the building manager for a Job Search Assistance form.  Fill out the form with the requested information, including the type of employment you are seeking, the hours you are available for work, and return it to the manager.  The management will keep your Job Search information on file and will notify you of any employment opportunities we hear of, that match the information you provide.  You’ll be thrilled with the feeling of self satisfaction that comes with your new job, and having extra money to spend each month feels pretty darn good too.  Click on the Job Search tool on the right to find helpful information for things like childcare and building a resume, to available jobs in the immediate area. These are just some of the ways the Peery Apartments can help you find a job.


An good education is the first and most important part of any successful self improvement or advancement plan.  Without a high school diploma, finding a job can be tough, and finding a good paying job is not very likely at all.  When a resident of the Peery Apartments makes the decision to continue their education and go back to school, we do everything we can to support them. Decisions like choosing a course, finding an accredited school, Diploma vs. GED,  finding childcare, figuring out how to pay for your schooling, can be pretty overwhelming.  We can help you get through the confusion.  We can help you with: Finding a sitter for your kids; Finding a school that’s right for you;  Finding and applying for student loans or grants.  We will do whatever we can to help make your goals a reality.  GED or Diploma ?  When you sign up for the GED or High School Diploma Program at George Washington High School...


The Peery Apartments will even pay your registration fees!


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